Short End Of The Stick (2016) (Dvd) (Ep. 1-35) (End) (English Subtitled) (Tvb Drama) (Us Version)

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Outside of the palace, eunuchs are reviled and considered abnormal, but they too are just everyday people who deserve love and respect

p Eunuchs Lee Suk Gung Wayne Lai , Dan Tin Power Chan and Chan Siu Fung Raymond Cho are expelled from the Forbidden City after the fall of the Qing Dynasty

After learning that the three resorted to robbery to save their friend's life, she pays for Siu Fung's medical expenses but requires them to work as servants for the Kam family until their debts are paid off

Chased by a cruel revolutionist, the four flee to Shenzhen but Siu Fung is shot during their escape

Her aunt Kam Heung Nancy Wu , the head of the Kam family, comes to the hospital for revenge

However, Dai Nam is also sent to the hospital with Siu Fung due to asthma

Lacking money to send Siu Fung to the hospital for treatment, they rob Kam Dai Nam Rosina Lam from the powerful and rich Kam family

TVB's light-hearted period comedy i Short End of the Stick /i depicts the lives and struggles of eunuchs played by Wayne Lai, Power Chan, Raymond Cho and Edwin Siu after leaving the Forbidden City

The drama co-stars Nancy Wu, Rosina Lam, Natalie Tong, Grace Wong and David Chiang

Their lives are hard amidst the general public hatred and stigmatization of eunuchs

They meet and befriend Chiu Chun Sing Edwin Siu who claims to be a eunuch as a cover-up for illegally selling valuables stolen from the Forbidden City

They soon prove themselves to be competent servants and gradually become important members of the Kam family.